This story is about young boy called August (auggie). In this book August started off as a 10 year old kid. Who had had 21 surgeries since he was born. The big and most important ones happened before he was 4, and he’s had 2 or 3 surgeries even year since then. As Augusts has ADD IN HIS HIS DISEASE its quite rare so they doctors are still coming around with solutions, 1 in 4 million will get this

First when I was reading this book it talks throughout about Augusts face and how all his surgeries make him look like that. As this was a book I couldn’t quite get the right picturing of his face as any people did describe it, but by the way people made fun off him calling him a “freak” “orc” and so on I guess people had never seen someone like this before. But what I loved that his family were so loving and caring towards him, they would always remind him that they love his face because its unique and its his face and his face only and they just love it.

As the story goes on it tells the reader that August had never been to school because he’s had surgery’s that had made him weak and unable to go and he was also afraid of the kids in it. His mum homeschooled him as long as she could but then it came to the fifth grade and he started to go to school FINISH

As August had a meeting before school with three kids: Charlotte, Jack Will and Julian, they showed August around to all his different classes

On the first day of school it became lunch time and August went into the cafeteria, as he walked past people who were elbowing their friends, talking about him, joking about him. August then found a seat on a table by himself. Summer a girl who wasn’t in any of August classes was over her friends talking about him and everyone being mean to him so she went over and sat with him at his lunch table.

Fav holiday halloween because he can put a mask on and blend in and be like all the other kids

Getting medal at the fifth grade graduation

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