Our story is set in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1975, before the Russian invasion.

The main character, Amir, is looking back at his childhood and how it has had profound effect oh his life. Amir’s farther, Baba is a cold, hard man who is disappointed in his son. He is a successful businessman. They are of the high-caste Pashtun, and are Sunni Muslims. Amir’s best friend is Hassan, who is son of the loyal servant Ali. They are low-caste Hazara, and are Shi’a muslims. Amir is the leader, and Hassan is the follower. Hassan is uneducated, whereas Amir loves poetry, reading and writing which disappoints his farther who wants him to like football. Rahim Khan id Baba’s friend who is kind and shows an interest in Amir and his writing.



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