4th August 2017

Soul surfer


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Who are the central characters?

Where are they?

What is their central situation?

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AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton

Main girl

Bethany Hamilton: Yea I thought, I thought at least with clothes on, I could have two arms, that I could look normal.

Bethany Hamilton: Surfing isn’t the most important thing in life. Love is. I’ve had the chance to embrace more people with one arm than I ever could with two.

Bethany Hamilton: Love is bigger than any tidal wave or fear.

Bethany Hamilton: Well i’ve been trying to get some perspective…I’ve been really trying…Sarah! How can this be God’s plan for me? I don’t understand.

Bethany Hamilton: I’m done, aren’t I? I can’t even paddle out to the lineup passed the big waves…I don’t understand..what happened to..I can do all things. Why? Why did this happen? Why did I have to lose everything?

Bethany Hamilton: I was born in Hawaii to two die-hard surfers. How could I not have saltwater in my veins. They say home is where the heart is, and for most people that consists of four walls and a welcome mat. But for me, it’s the ocean, with the warmth of the sun on my skin. Two brothers, that’s my answer when anyone asks why I’m so competitive. And of course, there’s my best friend Alana. We spent more time wet than we did dry, my mom was convinced that we were mermaids. From the moment I caught my first wave, I knew I wanted to be a Pro Surfer. Nothing else seemed to matter. Surfing is my passion, my way of life. The stoke I get from riding a perfect wave is pure joy. But like my dad always says, life is an adventure. And sometimes you wipe out and end up in the impact zone

Bethany Hamilton: No, I wouldn’t change a thing, because then I wouldn’t be here talking to you, I can embrace more people now then I could with two arms.

Bethany Hamilton: nice driving 007

Helen Hunt as Cheri Hamilton


Cheri Hamilton: Normal is so overrated

Cheri Hamilton: We had this statue in my house when I was a little girl. It was a replica from a museum my parents once went to. I didn’t think about it til just now.

Cheri Hamilton: For centuries all over the world she was considered the pinnacle of beauty and she has one less arm than you.

Cheri Hamilton: She will never be the same, and if she thinks surfing is the only life out there and she can’t make that happen then she’s going to be lost, really really lost

Cheri Hamilton: wait wait wait what?

Cheri Hamilton: please don’t take her, please don’t take her, please don’t take her

Dennis Quaid as Tom Hamilton


Tom Hamilton: I don’t need easy. I just need possible.

Tom Hamilton: You didn’t lose everything Bethany, not even close. That shark didn’t kill you, you’re here, you’re alive, you have your family.

Carrie Underwood as Sarah Hill

Church Lady

Sarah Hill: They don’t know. He hasn’t said a word, he won’t even smile.

Sarah Hill: I don’t know why bad things happen to us sometimes but I have to believe something good is going to come out of this. I don’t know what that is. I really wish I did.

Kevin Sorbo as Holt Blanchard

Dad of Alana Blanchard

Holt Blanchard: Byron, you get to shore! go! go! call 911

Holt Blanchard: Cheri it happened so fast

Holt Blanchard: Oh god. we need to get to the reef, just get to the reef

Holt Blanchard: why don’t you just concentrate on getting better, okay?

Holt Blanchard: You are incredibly brave, brittany

Ross Thomas as Noah Hamilton

Chris Brochu as Timmy Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton brothers

Timmy Hamilton: dad, you should have them upgrade you to a bionic knee so you can  actually beat mom in surfing.

Noah Hamilton: what you talking about? life is not going to go on the way it has always gone on.

Lorraine Nicholson as Alana Blanchard

Bethany Hamilton’s bff

Alana Blanchard: SHARK!

Alana Blanchard:  It’s going to be ok beth

Alana Blanchard:  Bethany can you hear me? oh my god please don’t die

Alana Blanchard:  It wasn’t a dream, it was real

Alana Blanchard:  I thought you were gonna die out there


when she was retailing her baby past I was born in Hawaii to two die-hard surfers
Bethany in church and their singing bless it be the name of the lord, bless it be your name, bless it be the name of your lord, bless it be a glorious name, you give and take away, you give and take the way, your heart will choose to say, bless it be your name, bless it be a glorious day
Bethany is playing her ukulele and sees her mum and dad surfing so she gets pen and paper to make a scoreboard Timmy Hamilton; where you going?

Bethany Hamilton; to watch the competition.

Cheri Hamilton: they gave me a five?

Tom Hamilton: not so bad for a girl

Cheri Hamilton: what?

Tom Hamilton: read it and weep, honey.

Cheri Hamilton: i’m not the ones who’s going to be weeping. were expecting a great competition today.

Bethany and alana come and visit Keoki at the half pipe Announcer: welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the junior portion of the Maui Jim Turtle Bay Resort Invitational. we’ve got skateboarding on the half-pipe. we’ve got all the action in the water.

Keoki; if you get tired waiting for the waves out there, you can always come and kick it with us. we don’t have to wait for the action.

Bethany Hamilton; well, when you get tired of the pipe, come surf some real waves.

Keoki; ooh hey, thursday night is a full moon. if you guys aren’t doing anything, we’re all gonna go surfing.

Bethany Hamilton; yeah, if we don’t have anything better to do.

As bethany and alana are now sponsored by rip curl they go into seamaids beach boutique to look for new bikinis. Bethany Hamilton; i got it. how about this one?

Alana Blanchard: nice, if you’re 100.

Bethany Hamilton; okay

Alana Blanchard: what about this?

Bethany Hamilton; are you kidding? this thing looks like a eye patch.

Alana Blanchard: i think it’s hot

Bethany Hamilton; one wipeout in that tiny thing, and you’re going to be showing a lot more than your sick rides.

Alana Blanchard ooh, so much for so little.

Bethany Hamilton; well, good thing it’s on Rip Curl.

Alana Blanchard; but make sure to keep your eye on it, if you don’t want it snaked out from underneath you.

Malina Birch: hey girls, you realise i’m gonna take you next time, right?

Bethany Hamilton; let’s just let the surfing do the talking.

Malina Birch: everyday between now and regionals, when i’m in the water training, i’ll be thinking of you, Hamilton.

Alana Blanchard; creepy

Bethany Hamilton; thanks, but i think you should stick to your training. seems like you could use a little focus

Malina Birch: i guess we’ll find out.

Bethany Hamilton; good seeing you again

Bethany and alana believe in the lord so on set nights they go to their fellowship hall. Sarah Hill: let’s finish up Rad Night with a game. can anyone tell me what he or she thinks this is?

Alana Blanchard; easy, it’s a dodge ball.

Sarah Hill: no

Bethany Hamilton; or Mars?

Byron Blanchard; a blob in a lava lamp?

Sarah Hill: very creative, but no. it’s a fly’s eye. how about his one.

Byron Blanchard; a brain.

Bethany Hamilton; aren’t brains supposed to be pink?

Sarah Hill: and that is a walnut. so, you see how hard it can be to make sense of things when you’re looking at them really close? the same thing’s true in life. so, if you guys are dealing with anything, that’s just too hard to handle or doesn’t seem to make much sense, get a new perspective.


bethany, alana, byron are in the truck on the way to the surf spot with holt driving and they crank up the music.

Bethany, Alana, Byron and Holt were going out for a surf along Tunnels Beach Kauai

as the girls, holt and byron are surfing bethany’s dad is in hospital getting surgery on his leg.

the group went for a morning surf along Tunnels Beach Kauai, the girls had a rest and were talking about their photoshoot..

Holt Blanchard: this is a good one. this is a good one.

oh, that looks good, doesn’t it?

All right, we’re here. let’s hit it.

Holt Blanchard: sweet. i’ve got a meeting at 10:00 so we don’t have a lot of time

Bethany Hamilton; no problem. just pick us up after your meeting.

Holt Blanchard: yeah. like that’s going to happen

Byron Blanchard; let’s just get in the water already.

Holt Blanchard: come on, it’s a long paddle around the reef.

Bethany Hamilton; try and keep up with us.

Dr. Rovinksy: well, the anaesthetic should have started working by now. you feel anything?

Tom Hamilton: a little bit.

Dr. Rovinksy: all right, it will kick in shortly. we’ll have you back out there shredding waves with Bethany in no time.

Tom Hamilton: thanks, David.

Alana Blanchard: i wonder what bathing suit i should wear to the shoot. the pinks cute but the black really works with my tan.

Bethany Hamilton; i don’t think you get to decide they’ll probably just tell us what to wear.

Alana Blanchard: i guess, but it’s fun to think about.

Bethany Hamilton; can you believe we get to come out here every day?

Alana Blanchard: yeah



What is happening to place the characters in a difficult circumstance?

What is the problem?

What conflict/s arise?

the shark attacked bethany hamilton., Bethany lost her left arm to a 14-foot tiger shark. in maui hawaii. By this stage there was a huge trail of blood pouring out behind bethany

By this time there was a lot of grunting as they knew they needed to get back to the beach asap. byron is paddling back frantically to get help.

byron has made it back to the beach and is running through the forests with hawaiian legends speaking throughout the forest. the blue truck is locked so he gets a rock and smashes the window. he then fumbles around to get his phone and make the important call.

whilst this is happening bethany’s dad is in the operation room about to get his knee operated on.

Alana Blanchard; (screams) DAD!

Holt Blanchard: alana!

Alana Blanchard; shark

Bethany Hamilton: i need to get to the beach

Holt Blanchard: we need to get to the reef! just get to the reef!

Holt Blanchard: keep her on the board! keep her on the board! byron, you get to shore! go! go! call 911!

Alana Blanchard: it’s going to be okay beth.

Holt Blanchard: i’ll start it for you! come on. ready, pal? let’s go. Push, Push, Push

Holt Blanchard: stay with us, sweetie, okay? stay with us.

Bethany Hamilton: please, jesus. please…

Holt Blanchard:  alana, you keep her on the board.

Alana Blanchard: okay.

Holt Blanchard: on the board

Bethany Hamilton: please get me to the beach. please

Holt Blanchard:you’re going to be ok

Dr. Rovinksy: all right, here we go.

nurse: doctor Rovinsky, we need this room stat! it’s a teenage girl from the North Shore. Shark attack..

Tom Hamilton: who? who is it?

Dr. Rovinksy: i’ll check it out, tom. i’ll check it out.

holt and alana make it to the beach. Alana starts to vomit on the beach beside holt and bethany.

Cheri Hamilton was just sitting down reading some papers then the phone rang.

cheri had picked up the phone, then realized what byron has said, she instantly dropped the phone and ran out to the car.

Holt Blanchard: stay with me, Bethany!

Holt Blanchard: Alana! get over here!

Alana Blanchard: i can’t

Noah Hamilton: morning, mom.

Cheri Hamilton: hey when did you go night surfing?

Noah Hamilton: uh… night surfing. . .

Holt Blanchard: all right. alright, sweetheart. ambulance is coming, all right?

Bethany Hamilton: i want my mom.

Holt Blanchard:  i know. we’re gonna get your mom. we’re gonna get your mom.

Cheri Hamilton: wait, wait, wait. what?

Noah Hamilton: mom?

Byron Blanchard: dad! i called 911! i called her mom.

Holt Blanchard: okay, okay, okay. grab the foot of the board. okay? grab it< on the count of three. ready? one, two, three! go, go, go, go, go! take her up to the truck! let’s get her up there right now!

Byron Blanchard: where’s the ambulance, dad? they’re not here yet!

Holt Blanchard: don’t worry about the ambulance! we’ll meet it on the way!

Alana Blanchard: bethany, can you hear me? oh, my god.

Byron Blanchard: she’s losing a lot of blood, dad!

Holt Blanchard: all right, i see the ambulance. here it comes!

Ambulance man: who are you, sir?

Holt Blanchard: family friend.

Ambulance man: do you know is she hit her head or ever lost consciousness?

Holt Blanchard: no, she never passed out, but she’s lost a lot of blood.

Ambulance man: here we go! careful! easy. ok lock her in.

Alana Blanchard: please don’t die.



What do the characters do to survive?

How do they try to get themselves out of this problem/conflict/difficult circumstance?

when they used a defibrillator on bethany had a life flash. bethany is riding this wave called a barrel and she is deciding it she wants to die: not make it through the barrel or survive: make it through the barrel. she sees the light at the end of the barrel and surfs herself out.

bethany hamilton tried and tried and tried she never gave up. she did everything on her on because she knew she could get back up on her board.

in the end bethany gets up on top of her board

bethany had to get from a longboard all the way down to a short board. 5 boards she had to concur. she conkers them but now she has to face the hawaiian regionals.

after bethany wiped out as was out to the competition she showed all the photographes her arm. then she gave her three boards away to three of her girl fans.

bethany travels to Phuket, Thailand to help people who are in need. this was bethany’s change of perspective, her looking at it a different way.

Holt Blanchard: you were amazing out there. you were the one who kept me calm. you never. . . you never let go. you are incredibly brace, bethany.
Alana Blanchard: aren’t you afraid?

Bethany Hamilton: i’m more afraid of not surfing.

Tom Hamilton:grab my ankle, i’ll tow you out

Bethany Hamilton: no, i’m good

Cheri Hamilton: why don’t you just paddle today?

Bethany Hamilton: no.

Cheri Hamilton: we can come back tomorrow.

Bethany Hamilton: no, i’m good

Tom Hamilton: try putting your hand in the centre of the board, along the stringer so you don’t tip over.

Tom Hamilton: be patient honey

Tom Hamilton: yes!

( all whooping)

Bethany Hamilton:  training starts tomorrow.

Timmy Hamilton: training for what?

Bethany Hamilton:  the hawaiian island regionals.

Tom Hamilton: so, regionals. what we have to do is to get you from here to here to here to here then to here. it’s not going to be easy.

Bethany Hamilton: i don’t need easy, i just need possible.

Tom Hamilton: with you, anything’s possible. let’s do it.

Cheri Hamilton: how’d you feel out there this morning?

Bethany Hamilton:  pretty good. i mean, i have a little trouble getting under the big waves, but once i’m up, i’m solid. i’ll come in if i can’t handle it, okay?

Tom Hamilton: bethany, i know that you got beat up pretty bad out there today, sweetheart. but you can’t let it get you down.

Bethany Hamilton:  enough, dad, okay? i can’t do this any more!

Tom Hamilton: yes, you can, honey.

Cheri Hamilton: listen to her.

Bethany Hamilton:  they say the lord works in mysterious ways. i say that’s an understatement. who would have thought that teaching a kid to surf would teach me that surfing isn’t the most important thing in the world? and that something else is. love. bigger than any tidal wave. more powerful than any fear.

bethany comes home from thailand and there is this whole pile of fan mail from madagascar and all the way from new zealand. Bethany Hamilton:  people are so amazing. there’s an eighth grader from North Carolina, who lost his arm. Logan, and he says he’s gonna try out for his school soccer team because of me. and he’s rooting for me in my next competition. i mean, i don’t understand, i totally blew it at regionals. why would they want me to compete?

Cheri Hamilton: you tried. and apparently Dylan and Stephanie like that.

bethany has decided to get back into surfing but she needs help, new adjustments on the board.

before bethany goes out and starts the competition hey dad gives her vital information.

Bethany Hamilton: hey, dad. i need your help.

Tom Hamilton: name it.

Bethany Hamilton: i think i want to compete.

Tom Hamilton: you sure? you don’t have to.

Bethany Hamilton: i’ll take it heat by heat.

Tom Hamilton:  okay.

Bethany Hamilton: so we need to figure out something. ah some way so when i duck dive, i don’t get pounded.

Tom Hamilton: yeah. you mean something like this?

Bethany Hamilton: yeah

Cheri Hamilton: you sure she can use it in competition? sure. judges don’t score oh how you get out to the waves. they only care what you do when you catch one.

Tom Hamilton: these girls are tough, especially Malina, you know that. the surf s big out there today, so if you try to match them wave for wave, you’re just going to wear yourself out with all that paddling.

Bethany Hamilton: yeah.

Tom Hamilton: so don’t take just any wave that comes along. the greatest surfers, they all have this sixth sense. they know when the best waves are coming. they can feel it. it’s a gift. you have that gift, too.

Bethany Hamilton: i do?

Tom Hamilton: well, your mom’s right, honey. you are a little mermaid. you know that moment between the sets when it’s


Are the characters’ survival techniques/actions successful?

What is the outcome of the character/s situation?


THE OUTCOME- What happens to the character/s?

* Do they survive?

as bethany has overcome her injury she thanks malina for being harsh towards bethany. so bethany has overcome malinas mean words and have used them to help her improve on surfing. Malina Birch: what are you doing here?

Bethany Hamilton: i’m surfing, same as you.

Malina Birch: well, i hope you don’t need to be rescued again.

Bethany Hamilton: actually, malina, i wanted to thank you.

Malina Birch: for what?

Bethany Hamilton: just for never taking it easy on me.. it means alot.


  1. What do we (as the viewer/reader) learn about the “nature of survival” from this text?

– What does the author/the characters of this text want us to know about survival and a human’s/animal’s ability to survive?

– What does it take to survive difficult circumstances?

– What do we learn about the environment/the world/extreme conditions?





* Use more paper for these “final conclusions” if you need to.

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