• what causes effects
  • social, politely,
  • what circumstances lead to its creation?
  • religious perspectives
  • regional perspectives
  • womens perspectives
  • global perspectives
  • the situation now – are they still a problem? if so, what can we do about them?

66.2 percent of women in New Zealand were employed in 2016. 27 percent of Indian women were employed in 2016.


Here in Wanaka we are very isolated in the world, we just don’t know what’s happening around us. We watch the news but it’s just the same old stories, people killing each other, sports and political disagreements. Now one topic that isn’t really branched out across the world is sexual assault as it’s a very touchy subject especially in India.


Sexual assault is any kind of sexual activity committed against anyone’s will. When women are raped, survival is their primary instinct and they will try to protect themselves as best as they can. Some women choose to fight back, but others do not feel like they can which is sad because research says in India a new incident of rape is reported every 22 minutes!


Thats 65 Indian woman getting raped every day, this is just crazy because these statistics are only the ones that have been reported and only about 1 in 4 rape cases results in a conviction and approximately one in ten rapes are committed against women under the age of 18. As sexual assault has taken over India it has become very hard to report. When women report their assault they are often silincened and or they get the blame, these situations normally occur because of the caste system, family alliances, money and the list goes on.


When I was researching about woman in India I came across one woman who was from New Delhi called Khyati Malhotra. She says she never leaves her home without her taser and her pepper spray. As crime in her part of the country has risen to 80 percent in a decade, because of this part of Khyati salary goes into a car driver to avoid any dangers that occurs when people take public transport which could possibly include being groped, cat-called and assaulted.


Another women called Sajna Nair from Delhi figures she’s lost almost $200,000 in earnings after quitting a bank job because she couldn’t find safe childcare for her daughter. Women and their daughters should be able to step outside their house knowing that something bad won’t happen to them, it’s just not right and who’s doing something about it?? Even though Indian women’s rights organizations are fighting for a change it’s not happening quick enough. Especially in a climate where sexual violence has become normalised and capital punishment against offenders has failed.


The difference of equality between male and female

Sadly in India the preference for male children has skewed the gender balance with a massive 37 million more men than women. Now in india mothers want to have sons because it means that they will have a better chance in the work industry. This leads to Indian girls having the label of being “unwanted” as their parents are wanting to have a son. A son is looked at as the main worker of the family and the daughter is considered a liability.


As the gender balance continues to become skewed a recent government survey released said that indian parents are opting to continue having children until they have their desired number of sons. Because of this, the gender balance will continue to become skewed, Indian women will become more vulnerable and more Indian girls will be murdered. Crimes against women surged 83 percent from 2007 to 2016, which is now resulting in 39 crimes every hour, remember aswell a new incident of rape is reported every 22 minutes.


Especially in northern India, not only will indian women get raped but children will be murdered on the daily. In the village of Badaun in the state of Uttar Pradesh, two girls aged 14 and 15 were raped, murdered and their corpses hung on a mango tree. The families of the girls allege that police did not file a firsthand report because the victims belonged to a low caste and the perpetrators were from a higher caste. Since this initial incident more chilling stories have emerged with another two women found hanging from trees in the past few days.


I would like to leave you with this incident. In January, a 28-year-old man was arrested in Delhi on charges of raping his 8-month-old female cousin. Prior to that he had five alleged rapes mostly of minors, which occurred within five days. Now this man is just sick, it was his  8 month year old cousin she wasn’t even old enough to talk and or defend herself.


Even though their prime minister keeps pushing to attract foreign investment into india economic system, it just shows how much violence and sexual assault against women can hold back communities and an entire nation.



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