• what causes effects
  • social, politely,
  • what circumstances lead to its creation?
  • religious perspectives
  • regional perspectives
  • womens perspectives
  • global perspectives
  • the situation now – are they still a problem? if so, what can we do about them?

Here in Wanaka we are very isolated in the world, we don’t really care what happens and or we just don’t know whats happening. We watch the news but its just the same old stories, people killing each other, sports, political disagreements and people saying they are going to change some massive issue but never do. 

Sexual assault is any kind of sexual activity committed against a woman’s will. When woman are raped, survival is their primary instinct, and they protect themselves as best as they can. Some women choose to fight back; others do not feel like they can. Which is sad because research says in India a new incident of rape is reported every 22 minutes! thats 65 Indian woman getting raped every day, this is astonishing because these statistics are only ones that have been reported

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