4th August 2017

Morning mist

As I pondered about making my way into the shadowy darkness, I looked out upon the ghostly lake and I absorbed the charcoal pool of water. It seemed to be glass, flat as far as the eye could see. This stony shore reflected mother nature’s beauty and In the corner of my aqua eye, I observed an overhanging creature, ghostly but peaceful. My eyes gazed harder at this drowning monster; my perception changed completely. It swayed in the light breeze as the enchanted birds sang in harmony. A wood-like substance looked dark and scrumptious; my dry mouth watered at the temptation of the cocoa seedling. The aroma smelled crisp with a slight hint of trauma and I noticed skeleton outlines on the lakefront. As they stand still to get the purest photo, statues just existing like one piece of a puzzle. It’s like they were puny caterpillars just breaking free from their delicate cocoons, half-witted and half awake. They blended into the dawn as they captured the early morning sunrise.


Later in the day, I scurry my way into the sinking depths that expect me. I gaze out upon the puddle, vessels and people slashing up the ocean. The shore is coated with offspring’s and older folks. Out of my elderly eye I spot a overgrown creature. It looks untouched even though it’s overcrowded. My eyes glare at the beautiful creation, as the leaves soak up past teas. The tree’s branches skim across the wavy puddles as I approach the blank statue. My surroundings smelt like sweet candyfloss and scrumptious sandwiches. These smells made my tummy groan in hunger. Bright yellow splashes here and lush green there; like a priceless painting withering away. Youngsters hustle smoky pebbles at the lonely tree; death-defying welts cover its stubborn frame bleeding out tree sap. Silent cries echo the world, with only the slightest acknowledgement. People alive and bouncing about, happiness falls the air like a deep dark drug. Tongues licking gelato which melts fast is the summer sun; green mint, pink candyfloss and neon tangerine comes with the sour temptation of blood orange. Vibrant colors drop into the simple pebbles, creating a priceless art piece for whom to see. It’s a perfect holiday owaisi’s for the eyes; I leave my mark and pursue onwards.

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