12th October 2018

Losing It

April 2018

North and South mag

Brief outline of plot

This article is about a middle aged mother telling her journey through surgery, from coming out of the wilderness to the other side.

What was your response to the text?

Personally by the time I had read the whole article I could tell that this woman was getting this surgery for the right reasons. It kind of made me sad because she tried all of these different varieties of diets and ways to lose weight but she just couldn’t lose it. But in the end I was extremely happy that now she wont go back to her ways of eating sweet and fatty foods.

What made you feel this way?

I think I felt this way because she really tried to make a difference in her weight many of times and by the end of trying all those diets surgery seemed to be her last option. But she mostly did everything to keep on track and for her surgery to go safely and as planned.

Why did the character interest you?

Now days you see “fat” “overweight” people everywhere is kinda become the “norm”. But that’s only because most if our lives people have thought there should only be one size “skinny” “small”, so when people see fat people it’s like oh wow look how fat she or he is. But now in this generation it has become quite a bit normal to see overweight people. Which links in with this woman because she knew she was nearing obese but unlike so many other people she actually tried and she tried to make a change to her lifestyle and her ways of doing things. She just showed me of you really set your mind to it and try your hardest you can accomplish something that you have always wanted to.

Why did the setting interest you?

Personally the setting didn’t really interest me because it was just based in a normal home with a family and then also a hospital. It’s the people that come with the setting that make it interesting.

What did you learn?

To not judge a book by it’s cover. Yes this woman was fat but she was trying to change that and the way in which people looked at her. It just takes time to lose weight and to feel good about yourself.

How did an event or character help you learn this?

She just explained her situation fully. She didn’t just write her story as everything went well, she told her story true throughout which I felt was awesome because people try to change their real life experiences to make them sound better for other people.

Was this title a good one?

Personally I think it was because she was losing it. Losing it mentally and physically. Mentally with everyone telling her that shes not fat and then also walking past a restaurant or a place full of people and had to suck in her stomach. All that hate from other people and her inner hate would just be building up and telling herself that she’s not worth to be here on earth as a person. Physically losing it I personally think it is that she’s going to be losing her weight, shedding her old skin and becoming a whole new and different person.

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