19th October 2018

I am not Esther

Brief outline of plot

Kirby Greenland is perfectly happy with the life she is living. Sure she could probably think of better things to do, than follow after her mother and making sure she pays bills and does laundry, but all in all she’s happy. Kirby’s life is turned upside down when her mother tells her that she is going to live with her uncle while she goes to Africa as a nurse….

What was your response to the text?

Personally I loved this book because when I read it I feel like i’m in the story. Throughout kirby shows her strength to find out what has happened to her mum and to where she has gone. As she goes into a complete new world it takes her a while to apart to the strange differences as it would someone else. I just loved how she became a better person and started to think of others before she did something unholy again. 10/10 I love this book and it’s series. For this to make sense this is what the rule is: “The Rule encompasses small things, such as no one is allowed to use contractions when they speak or do anything for fun or relaxation. The Rule also reigns over big things. Women must wear clothing that covers all the skin and braid their hair, the questioning of authority and higher education are not allowed, and everyone must be kept away from the world and only focused on God, so no TV or radio. Kirby realizes that the Rule extends out even further. Women’s role is to stay home and have as many children as possible, so as soon as she turns sixteen, she will be forced to marry a boy of her Uncle Caleb’s choosing.”

What made you feel this way?

I think I feel this way because if I was in her situation I would probably do the same things that she did and act the same way. Kirby’s old life she was aloud to do pretty much what she wanted but now under her uncles supervision, there’s a rule that they can’t use contractions (tv, radio, newspaper, phones, mirrors), Kirby must also only wear long, modest clothing.

Why did the character interest you?

Daniel Pilgrim interested me because he knew some of the behind the scenes and then he also was struggling with the decision to leave his family and get better education. This was hard for him to decide because he had grown up with his family and being religious and having to choose his family or his career.

What did you learn?

I learnt that even if you grow up in a religious family sometimes you want to experience a life for yourself. Even though your in a tight sticky situation you can work your way out and gain a better come

How did an event or character help you learn this?

Was this title a good one?

Yes this title was a god one because it summed up the whole story, it was based on this story and made a statement even before you start reading that her name is not esther.

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