Main characters: Ellie, Sophie, Greg, Lucy, 

Other characters involved are: allies husband Phillip, ellies mother, farther, brother Mikie, also sophist teacher Claire.

The story is told through the eyes of Ellie

Basically Ellie and Lucy have been bfs since they were 4 years old, they are both fully grown and in their mid thirties both are married and Lucy has one child sophie. Lucy lost her child when she was pregnant not quite full term.

The first chapter starts with the death of Lucy and Ellie who lives in America, then flys to London to help greg and sophie her god daughter. Sophie witnessed the murder of her own mum and has stopped talking. Ellie feels as god mother and her best friends daughter it is her role to help sophie and greg get through this difficult time which comes at the expense of her own marriage. She’s spends 4 and a half months helping sophie with all her day to day routines and starts feeling lost and unsure what she should be doing with her life. Even though Ellie and Lucy have been bfs for years Ellie was a littlest jealous of what she thought was Lucy’s perfect life. But learns not all was as it appeared, Lucy was intact having an affair and about to leave her husband greg and daughter sophie and move to Paris. Something which Ellie does not understand at all. Sophie is a very intelligent young girl who turns nine during the story. A key part of Sophie’s recovery is a book which Ellie reads to her each night and sophie slowly learns to open up and start talking again, the book is called the secret garden.

This come to a head with Ellie and her husband Phillip who asks for a divorce while she is in London looking after sophie. Things weren’t flash to start with, their marriage especially after their loss of their baby boy (Oliver) years ago. Phillip came to visit Ellie in London just before sophist birthday and spent the night with Ellie who then became pregnant. This put Ellie into a tale spin as she was so worried about loosing another baby.

In the end sophie has stoped having nightmares at night, and wetting her bed. Ellie now feels comfortable to return home to America and tell Philip she’s pregnant and try to save her marriage.

This book was a sad story but showed how strong people can be and grow even after terrible things have happened. In the end there is a positive and happy ending with ellie and Philip getting back together and looking forward to the hopefully safe arrival of their baby, it shows that greg has put his daughter first and has changed his job hours, sold the house which reminded them both of Lucy’s passing.

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