I intend to write a descriptive creative writing piece describing a very popular beach that I visited in Australia Gold Coast, last holidays 2018.

Look. This view is extraordinarily magical, as we glance out onto the majestic deep jewel blue ocean creating white foam as it swings over the sun kissed golden sand in a rhythmic percussion. The waves start to upsurge crashing lightly against the endless grainy shore line as it replicates the colours of a extremely protract rainbow oil spill. The endless tide draws a gaping breath and hums deeply; crawling along the smooth soft sand on its obese belly, stretching itself thin until it is inches from my thin tense toes. As I turn my glaze toward the high heavens I notice the sweet sky is a swirling mixture of a pink, orange and blue glow with no tufty clouds of wizard-white in sight. The last day time rays of the shimmering sunlight are hitting the sand appearing like Cinderella’s sequin dress; sparkling like thousands of tiny jewels. Broad bronzed bodies cover the protract beach, lone and band my eyes are as clear as the water scanning over artificial volleyballers. Shallow and forceful balls rapidly flying over the sand like seagulls fighting fighting for food; white and grey they swoop in to eliminate their prey. Silhouettes fly high against the heaven kissed azure, swiftly flying through the humid breeze displaying sun conure colours airbrushed onto their plumes. Choreographed dance souls skim over the brine precise puddle. Kookaburras await the dawn as they wedge the skies with feathers paint the skys canvas.

Feel. I feel relaxed like a tall swaying tree far far away from reality; our surroundings are quiet and peaceful. Making gentle tracks as we make our mark on the earth’s squishy surface with a semblance of a smile as the gritty sand and cold water ooze through our chubby circular toes. The sea air blows puffs of wind like a middle aged man running along the lengthy beach, giving me a sense of freedom as the humid breeze swirls around me sending my hair in all contrasting directions.

Smell. Seaweed, salt and sweetness fill my nostrils with there simple smells; unadulterated and pure. Freshwater shrimp catch my now widen nostrils, the scent lures me into a worldwin of happiness and

Hear. Flocks of multi coloured oblong crimson rosella parrots float above my appetising runway. Motor-mouths chirping away into the ombre sunset.

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