Look. This sight is magical, were glancing out onto the majestic deep jewel blue ocean foaming white when it swings over the sun kissed golden sand in a rhythmic percussion. The waves upsurge crashing lightly against the grainy shore line as it replicates the colours of a rainbow oil spill. The endless tide draws a breath and hums deeply, crawling along the sand on its obese belly, stretching itself thin until it was an inches from my toes. The sky is a gorgeous pinky-orange blue glow with no tufty clouds of wizard-white in sight. The last rays of the shimmering sunlight hit the sand appearing like Cinderella’s sequin dress; sparkling like a thousand tiny jewels. Bronzed bodies cover the beach, my eyes are as clear as the water; skimping over volleyballers

Feel. Seaweed, salt water and sweetness fill up my nostrils as the gritty sand and cold water ooze through my chubby toes. I feel relaxed like a tall swaying tree far far away from reality; our surroundings are quiet and peaceful, making gentle tracks as we make our mark on the earth’s squishy surface with a semblance of a smile. The sea air blows puffs of wind like a middle aged man running along the lengthy beach, giving me a sense of freedom; the warm breeze swirls around me sending my hair in all different directions. 

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